Publié par : GM | février 5, 2015

Prochaine communication : Journées Internationales de sociologie, Université François Rabelais, Tours, du 1 au 3 juillet 2015

Title: « Construction professionals facing the energy efficiency challenge: Knowledges, competences and practices’ recombining at stake »


  • Géraldine Molina, doctor in Geography, Spatial planning – Urban planning, post-doctoral fellow at IRSTV (FR CNRS 2488) at CERMA (ENSAN – UMR CNRS 1563).
  • Anne Bernabé, PhD student at IRSTV (FR CNRS 2488) and at LEEHA (ECN – UMR CNRS 6598)
  • Marjorie Musy, doctor of Civil Engineering, accredited research director, researcher at CERMA (ENSAN – UMR CNRS 1563), Associate Director of IRSTV (FR CNRS 2488)

Keywords: work situations, interprofessional dynamics, professional unease, multicriterion approach, resources.

The aim of our contribution is to explore the concrete production of the energy efficiency at the building’s scale. It crosses researches issues from sociology of energy, sociology of the professions and sociology of work. We propose to question how the professionals that contribute to a building construction concretely deal with the challenge of energy transition and try to integrate it in their professional practices. The renewal of knowledge logics and professional know-how, the learning dynamic are called into question: which are the problems, the bolts they have to cope with? Which resources do they mobilize to make their competences progress and to combine this new strong requirement with the other challenges induced by the production of buildings? How the energy performance injunction contributes to restructure professional territories (professions that are traditionally present, arrival of new actors, etc.)? Which interprofessional dynamics (as competition and co-operation) can be observed between these actors? How the point of view of the inhabitants, their lifestyles and their energy uses are integrated by construction professionnals that take part in the buildings’ production and management.

We’ll try to bring some answers by presenting some results of an exploratory investigation conducted in France over a panel of “innovating”, “pionniers”, “exemplary” professionals in energy performance (it means identified as such by their fellow-members and the other professionals with whom they work) and who belong to various links of the chain of the actors that intervene in buildings’ production and management (project ownership, architects, project management, tradesmen, maintenance technicians, etc). The analysis of their trajectories and individual approaches, their reflexive returns on their production, and their positioning strategies will be put in perspective with the results of other recent investigations conducted with “ordinary” professionals. At the end, the analysis will try to deliver a comprehensive knowledge of working situations and effective pressures, to identify the pionniers’ features and the factors that can facilitate the evolution of professional competences so that they can integrate the lifestyle’s concern in the their work applied to energy performance.


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